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Superstar Detective

Werewolf Blood (8 Players)

Werewolf Blood (8 Players)

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8 Player | Fantasy | Unorthodox | Difficult

In a small village surrounded by mountains, the peaceful life was suddenly disrupted by a series of mysterious deaths at night. The village head invited a psychic to the village, in order to expel the demons. However, the psychic almost died from werewolf attacks. 

Helplessly, the village head hired a demon hunter to deal with the werewolves. After some investigation, the demon hunter concluded that the werewolves were among the villagers. 

It's the full moon of this month again, the time for werewolves to transform. The demon hunter devised a detailed plan to capture the werewolf. However, contrary to his plan, another man was killed, and this time, the dead person was the village head...

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