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Superstar Detective is a multiplayer role-playing social audio game.

Want to throw a murder mystery party at home? Play this game to get the murder mystery box and murder mystery dinner experiences. Solve murder mysteries at home with family, friends and people around the world.

Read your character script and search for clues. Interrogate other players to find the killer. But be careful, this will not be an easy task: the killer is among the players and will lie to confuse the innocent people and obstruct investigation.

Everyone is a suspect in tis social deduction game. Discuss live with other players using the integrated voice chat feature. How did the victim die? What are the key evidences? What is murder weapon? What are the inconsistencies in the testimonies? Who is acting suspiciously? Can you catch your friends lying?

After discussing, the game will ask you to vote for the killer. Make sure you understand your goals: Can you catch the killer? Can you get away with murder? Can you be a good accomplice?

Some murder mysteries provide escape room experience where you need to solve puzzles to obtain clues and further explore the surroundings.

This game is under constant development and an unlimited number of new murder cases await you. Superstar Detective is a game for all friends and family to enjoy together. Find the killer among us! Just as Detective Conan says: “There is always only one truth.”

The killer is among us! Show off your detective skills and solve the murder case!

Main features:
1. Convenient in-app audio chat;
2. Unlimited high-quality murder mysteries in the library;
3. Cases vary in difficulty, challenging investigations of all skill levels;
4. Create a private game room for family and friends, or instant match with players all over the world;
5. Use logic and deduction to solve cases.

Fans of crime and mystery books, puzzles, and challenging riddles will love our murder mystery game. Put your detective investigation skills to ultimate test. Solve crimes like Sherlock Holmes or Poirot.

Also great for team building.

Do you have what it takes to solve every case? Download today and find out.