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Superstar Detective

Twilight (5 Players)

Twilight (5 Players)

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5 Player | Fantasy | Classic | Medium

In the Land of the Sun, there is only one country called Twilight Kingdom. It is said that complete darkness would fall upon the world for three days every one hundred years, and on the furthest west continent, the Demon King would wake up during the darkness. If he was not defeated in time, he would lead all the devils on the continent to invade and destroy the entire Land of the Sun. Every one hundred years, the Twilight Kingdom would pick a team of five warriors to defeat the Demon King. This tradition has lasted for thousands of years and the Demon King has never been able to step foot on the Land of the Sun. 

A hundred years ago, a warrior came back to Twilight injured, telling the Kingdom that their mission of defeating the Demon King had failed. The Kingdom was in a total panic. The warrior was executed as a traitor. The Kingdom strengthened the defense for many years, preparing for the devil invasion, but no one came. 

A hundred years have passed since then, the Demon King is gonna wake up again. Five warriors gathered at the west port, preparing to embark on the devil-slaying journey. However, there came a sixth warrior…

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