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The Shadow of Hogwerts (6 Players)

The Shadow of Hogwerts (6 Players)

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6 Player | Fantasy | Classic | Easy

After a fierce battle between the Ministry of Magic and the Dark Lord, Domblebore, the Headmaster of Hogwerts, announced some depressing news: The Dark Lord, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, has returned. Every student at Hogwerts was in fear at the beginning of the new academic year (of course, this may not include some Slyterings; after all, some Slyterings are loyal followers of the Dark Lord). As a result, the school has undertaken some enhanced security measures. In spite of this, a tragedy occurred: Tina, a sixth-grade student at Rovenclow College, dropped dead in the corridor between the Charms classroom and the library. Her screams alarmed other people passing by in the corridor, but before they rushed over, the Rovenclow student Tina had fallen to the ground. There were large black stains on her hands, which seemed to be traces of Dark Arts, but no one was sure what was going on. The school administrator Filsh was the first witness of this incident, rushing up to Tina with his cat. He soon realized that he could not handle this at all, so he hurried to see Deputy Headmaster, Professor Maggie—it is said that Domblebore was taking a student out for a trip at that time, so Professor Maggie should be the one to take care of the death of a student. This was apparently a Dark Arts attack. Dark Arts are very difficult and Professor Maggie was pretty sure that junior students were not capable of doing this. At the time of the incident, there was a total of four students in the corridor. They were: Ero, a seventh-year student of Husslepuph; Charles, a sixth-year student of Slytering; Martha, a sixth-year student of Glyffinda; and Amy, a fourth-year student of Glyffinda, who was walking with her cousin Martha. As a result, Amy, the fourth-year student, was also retained by the professor. In addition, the administrator Filsh, who was the first to reach the victim. Filsh claimed that the student was dead before he arrived. The seemingly peaceful campus is now shrouded in darkness…

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